Residential Solar Financing


We know that to grow your business you need cash and customers. To help you reach your growth goals, we've established a variety of financing programs for your customers. The benefit of our financing options is that they allow you to have an unlimited line of credit with our company.

Financing Programs to Help Grow Your Business

  • Zero Interest and No Monthly Payments for 12 months Loan
  • 2.99% 12-year Loan
  • 5.99% 20-year Loan
  • Leases
  • Power Purchase Agreements

How it Works

  1. You sell a solar job
  2. You submit all applicable customer information to an online portal
  3. Affordable Solar builds and uploads your order
  4. You install the system and complete photo verification
  5. You are paid in full, less the equipment costs*

*payment terms are based on the type of financing your customer users.

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