Building a System

Building a System

Don't know what to look for or what components you'll need? Search through our articles here in the Building a System section to find out what you'll need to build and assemble a system that's right for you.

Calculating Tilted Array Spacing

Our engineer, Reme Meck, breaks down the method of quickly and easily calculating tilted array spacing.

Sizing Grid-Tied Solar Arrays

Curious about how to properly size a grid-tied array the fancy way? Reme Meck, one of our engineers, spells it out for you.

How to Choose an Inverter

Need an inverter? With so many choices how does one know which inverter is right for them and their system? This handy guide is here to help!

Measuring Power & Energy with the Brand Power Meter

Learn how the Brand Power Meter can help you!

What is a Sine Wave?

Learn all about sine waves in this article, from what they are to measuring their voltage.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Charge Controllers

Learn about MPPT and how it's being used in charge controllers today.

Inverters: Electronic Loads, Surge Protectors and Radio Interference

Just like the title says, a short go to guide on electric loads, surge protectors, and radio interference.

An Introduction to Charge Controllers

A beginners guide with everything from your charge controller's basic functions to how to maintain and protect it.

AC Wire Sizing

Learn the importance of AC wire sizing in this quick read by our Engineer, Aaron Cabral.