Solar Manufacturers

Solar Manufacturers

Affordable Solar carries products from the top solar manufacturers. We know a solar power system is a big investment, which is why we only sell products we are confident in, and that we use in our own solar systems. Browse through the available manufacturers to get a unique overview. Check back frequently as we'll be adding more all the time!

Kyocera Solar

Learn about Kyocera Solar Manufacturer

Schott Solar

Learn about Schott Solar Manufacturer

Sanyo Solar

Learn about Sanyo Solar Manufacturer

Canadian Solar

Learn about Canadian Solar Manufacturer

Fronius Inverters

Learn about Fronius Inverter Manufacturer

Yingli Solar

Learn about Yingli Solar Manufacturer

SMA Inverters

Learn about SMA Inverter Manufacturer

Solectria Renewables Inverters

Learn about Solectria Renewables Inverter Manufacturer

OutBack Power Inverters

Learn about OutBack Power Inverter Manufacturer

Sharp Solar

Learn about Sharp Solar Manufacturer

Enphase Energy Inverters

Learn about Enphase Energy Inverter Manufacturer

Suntech Solar

Learn about Suntech Solar Manufacturer

Trina Solar

Learn about Trina Solar Manufacturer

PVPowered Inverters

Learn about PVPowered Inverter Manufacturer