Wattsun Seasonal Adjustable Rack

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  • Wattsun Seasonal Adjustable Rack

    Most power from a “fixed” ground mount system.

    It’s not a tracker.
    It’s not a fixed rack.
    Array Technologies’ Seasonal Adjustable Rack is a low-cost alternative to a tracker or fixed rack that gives you the ability to quickly and easily optimize your array’s tilt to compensate for the sun’s seasonal changes.

    The Seasonal Adjustable Rack is purposely designed with a low profile to minimize wind forces as well as reduce the impact on your visual plane. Whether in your backyard, or in the back forty, this system will attractively optimize your PV output.
    The Seasonal Rack incorporates a rotating bearing to enable easy, rapid adjustment of the tilt angle from flat to 60°. It takes one person using one cordless drill about one minute to adjust. It’s a piece of cake.
    This rack looks a lot like our utility-scale trackers. That’s because they share many of the same parts. And, we build the Seasonal Rack just like our utility DuraTrack™—to last a very, very long time.
    Each Seasonal Rack holds up to 4kW over its 50 foot length (typical size). If you’re looking for more power, multiple racks easily combine into one dynamic system.

    Follows terrain contour: Yes
    Elevation tilt angle, range of motion: Flat to 60°
    Module configuration: Single module in portrait ( ground coverage ratio remains the same whether landscape or portrait)
    Amount of foundation material: Minimum, due to low profile
    Foundation types: Accommodates a variety of foundations
    Amount of column length required: Minimum, due to low profile
    Adjustment mechanism: Ball-screw (rotating bearing)
    Materials: High-strength galvanized steel & anodized aluminum
    Maximum wind speed capability: Up to 90mph

    Pre-assembled module clamps: Certified by most commercially available module manufacturers
    Modules supported: Most commercially available
    Ease of install, module mounting technique: All work at chest height & below
    Module cleaning: Chest height
    Snow shedding: Snow slides off easily

    Energy gain vs. fixed-tilt: Dependent on adjustment frequency
    Warranty: 2 year parts only, 5 year extended available
    Made in the USA: Yes

    Comparison of the Horizontal Linear Axis Tracker and the Seasonal Adjustable Rack
    Horizontal Linear Axis (HZLA) Tracker – A single-axis tracker installed/oriented in the same way as the Duratrack HZ, only it has an individual drive motor in the center of each 4kW (~55’ long) rack.

    Seasonal Adjustable Rack – An adjustable ground rack oriented like a normal row of solar panels (perpendicular to Duratrack HZ orientation).  It has a linear actuator or mechanical gear drive (a socket you can turn with a power drill to adjust the rack) for each 4kW (~55’ long) rack.

    These two products are remarkably similar.  In essence, Wattsun took the concept of a single rotating arm from their popular utility single-axis tracker and applied it to residential and small commercial jobs.  The new products use the Duratrack HZ bearings and module clamps, frame, and drive system.  They replace the drive motors with an individual motor and a linear actuator, respectively.

    The amount of modules the racks can hold is dependent on surface area.  For our 60-cell solar panels (Schott, CSI), it can do 14 modules per rack.  For large ~275w modules, it can do 12 modules per rack.  Up to 18-20 Sanyo-sized modules per rack.

    Each rack will require 5 upright posts, supplied by the end user.  This is similar to Unirac U-LA, but much less pipe required per rack.  They are rated to 90 mph winds, category C exposure (unknown snow-loading capabilities)

    There is roughly 20% increased solar yield from using the HZLA tracker.  It has a tilt range of 90 degrees (45 degrees East-West from horizontal).  For row spacing, allow 20’ – 25’ center to center.  No backtracking, just simple single-axis tracking. 

    The Seasonal Adjustable Rack can do tilts between 5 and 60 degrees oriented South.   Row spacing calculated like any normal tilted array row. 

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