Fronius IG Plus V 3.0-1 uni Inverter

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  • Fronius Inverter IG Plus V 3.0-1 uni, 3000 Watts, 208/240/277 VAC, 60Hz

    Fronius' long tenure of successful welding technology has carried over into their solar inverters. In the last 10 years, they have established themselves as a leading innovator of grid-tied inverter technology and have become one of the largest residential solar inverter manufacturers.

    Equipment features

    Three efficiency peaks.
    Greater power harvest for every system size: The unique automatic transformer switching function of the Fronius IG Plus makes enables not one, but three equal efficiency peaks. The result: Consistantly high efficiency over a wide input voltage range.

    In comparison: The efficiency of inverters without transformer switching declines steadily with an increasing input voltage. Devices without a transformer only have one efficiency peak.

    With a 96.2 % maximum efficiency, the Fronius IG Plus series scores the highest grade among HF devices.

    MIX™ Concept.
    Get the maximum power harvest out of partial load ranges, e.g. on cloudy days, through a clever combination of multiple power stages in each inverter. The power stages in Fronius inverters divide up the work depending on operating hours and only operate as many power stages as required to efficiently process available power from the PV array.

    Module Manager™.
    The Module Manager™ keeps all Fronius IG inverters at the maximum power point (MPP) with fast and exact MPP tracking, ensuring that you get the most power out or each ray of sunlight. This is especially important for amorphous modules whose MPP can be more challenging to track.

    Smart Ventilation Design.
    Disruptive ambient factors such as dust or moisture remain on the outside: The reason: Cooling air is drawn in on the wall side and routed through a closed channel over the heat sink. This prevents contact with the circuit board. At the same time, the components are kept cool - the device operates with a stable consistency.

    Equipment features Grounding selectable on site.
    Decide on site what type of grounding is required as the Fronius IG Plus is field programmable for either positive or negative module grounding.

    Designed for indoor and outdoor installations.
    All Fronius IG Plus inverters have a robust, well designed aluminum housing. UV resistance and corrosion protection enable them to be used either indoors or outdoors. Fronius is proud to be one of the only inverters tested and approved to operate at 122° F.

    Integrated DC disconnect.
    No external DC disconnect installation or cabling is necessary. The Fronius IG Plus comes complete with an approved, built-in, lockable and load breakable DC Disconnect.

    The new power plug system.
    The connection area and power stages are installed separately from each other. Very easy and extremely safe: The connection area is attached to the wall as normal. Then the power module is simply plugged in. The power plug connects both parts into one secure unit. If service is required, the connector remains on the wall maintaining all settings and configurations.

    Field Programmable AC output voltage.
    The Fronius IG Plus inverter line from 3.0 to 11.4 kW is field programmable to 208, 240 or 277 volts (Fronius IG Plus 12.0 kW only availabale in 277 volts), eliminating the need to install different inverter models to accommodate three-phase installations.

    Technical Data
    Fronius IG Plus 3.0-1UNI

    Input data

    Recommended PV-Power (Wp): 2500-3450 watts
    MPPT-Voltage range: 230 - 500 V
    Max. Input voltage range*: 600 V
    Nominal Input Current: 8.3 A
    Max. usable Input Current: 14.0 A
    Admissible conductor size (DC): No. 14-6 AWG

    Output data

    Nominal output power (PAC nom): 3000 W
    Max. continuous output power
    104°F (40°C) 208 V / 240 V / 277 V: 3000 W
    Nominal AC output voltage: 208 V / 240 V / 277 V
    Operating AC voltage range (default)
    208v: 183 - 229 V (-12 / +10 %)
    240v: 211 - 264 V (-12 / +10 %)
    277v: 244 - 305 V (-12 / +10 %)
    Nominal output current
    208V: 14.4 A 240: 12.5 A 277: 10.8 A
    Max. output current 208V: 16.4 A 250V: 14.2 A 277V: 12.3 A
    Admissible conductor size (AC): No. 14 - 4 AWG
    Max. continuous utility back feed current: 0 a
    Nominal frequency: 60 Hz
    Operating frequency range: 59.3 - 60.5 Hz
    Total harmonic distortion: < 3 %
    Power factor: 1

    General data

    Max. Efficiency: 96.2 % CEC Efficiency
    208V: 95.0 % 240V: 95.5 % 277V: 95.5 %
    Consumption in standby (night): 1 W
    Consumption during operation: 8 W
    Cooling: Controlled forced ventilation, variable fan speed
    Enclosure Type: NEMA 3R
    Unit Dimensions (W x H x D): 17.1" x 24.8" x 9.6" (434.3 x 629.9 x 243.8 mm)
    Inverter Weight: 31 lbs. (14 kg)
    Wiring Compartment Weight 24 lbs. (11 kg)
    Admissing ambient operating temperature: -4 ... 122°F (-20 ... + 50°C)
    Compliance: UL 1741-2005, IEEE1547-2003, IEEE 1547.1, ANSI/IEEE C62.41,FCC Part 15 A&B, NEC Article 690, C22. 2 No. 107.1-01 (Sept. 2001)

    Safety equipment

    Ground fault protection: Internal GFDI (Ground Fault Detector/Interrupter); in accordance with UL 1741-2005 and NEC Art. 690
    DC reverse polarity protection: Internal diode
    Islanding protection: Internal; in accordance with UL 1741-2005, IEEE 1547-2003 and NEC
    Over temperature: Output power derating / active cooling

    The right to make technical modifications is reserved.

    *At 1000 W/m² 14°F (-10°C) in open circuit operation
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  • Length: 17.1"
    Width: 24.8"
    Height: 9.6"
    Weight: 55 lbs