Conergy SunTop Double Roman Tile Roof Hook Roof Hook 170

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  • Conergy SunTop Double Roman Tile Roof Hook 170

    Various roof hook styles have been developed for different tile roofing types

    A more elegant solution than hanger bolts or standoffs

    Compared to hanger bolts:
    • Drilling tile is not required
    • Tiles are not subject to cracking and failure over time due to normal flexure of hanger bolt
    Compared to standoffs:
    • Easier to install, do not require cutting tile or flashing in most instances
    • Superior aesthetics
    • Works on many different tiles/applications due to adjustability afforded by width of base plate
    • Double roman tile, Spanish tile, other similar tiles
    • Does not require flashing or cutting of tile in many applications
    • Easy to install...
    • Remove tile at desired installation point
    • Place roof hook in desired position (here hitting the valley with the hook)
    • Sink three supplied screws into rafter
    • Replace overlying tile

    Weight: 1.28 lbs (0.58 kg)
  • No information available
  • Length: 9"
    Width: 7"
    Height: 5"
    Weight: 1.25 lbs