Schott Poly 230, 230W Solar Panel

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  • Schott Poly 230, 230w 20 Volt Nominal PV Module

    Schott solar means Affordable Solar.  We’ve been pleased with Schott’s outstanding performance and ruggedness.  Their modules have an above average PTC/STC ratio (better than 90%) which means that they will produce closer to their STC rating than most other modules during hot summer days.  Their sturdy construction reduces the risk of micro-fractures that can shorten a module’s life, also the glass is proven to withstand most hail storms.  As a bonus, they are manufactured in the USA puts dollars in our economy!  Performance—longevity—American made: Schott makes perfect sense. 

    SCHOTT Solar polycrystalline solar modules 

    The long-established German company SCHOTT Solar is a world leader in the photovoltaic industry and has more than 50 years of experience in the development and production of components for solar applications. SCHOTT Solar polycrystalline modules are specifically designed for both roof- and ground-mounted applications. Due to strict internal quality standards, all modules benefit from exceptionally long durability, which results in maximized profitability. The polycrystalline cells within each module are sorted to particularly narrow performance tolerances, thereby allowing series interconnections with minimal mismatch losses.

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    SCHOTT POLY™ 230
    • Double of the required standard:SCHOTT Solar tests its modules for twice as long as is required by the IEC.
    • High resistance to mechanical loads: The solid anodized aluminum frame ensures superior torsional resistance. SCHOTT Solar polycrystalline modules are also tested to an extreme loading pressure of 5,400 Pa – which equates to 550 kg per square meter and a reassuring level of security for your investment.
    • High performance output: All SCHOTT Solar polycrystalline modules hold a positive tolerance of their nominal power rating. This ensures a stable high-energy output and a quick return on investment.
    • Long-term reliability: SCHOTT Solar offers a power output guarantee of 25 years and a product warranty of ten years.
    • Increased resistance to reverse current: SCHOTT Solar polycrystalline modules have a high resistance to reverse current, minimising the wiring costs.

    Electrical data1
    Nominal power [Wp] Pmpp: 230 watts
    Sorting tolerance: -0 %
    Voltage at nominal power [V] Umpp: 30.0 volts
    Current at nominal power [A] Impp: 7.66 amps
    Open-circuit voltage [V] Uoc: 36.9 volts
    Short-circuit current [A] Isc: 8.33 amps
    1 The electrical data applies to standard test conditions (STC):
    Irradiance at the module level of 1,000 W/m2, spectrum AM 1.5 and a cell temperature of 25°C.
    The rated power may only vary by ±4% and all other electrical parameters by ±10%.

    Data at normal operating cell temperature (NOCT)
    Nominal power [Wp] Pmpp: 165 watts
    Voltage at nominal power [V] Umpp: 27.1 volts
    Open-circuit voltage [V] Uoc: 33.7 volts
    Short-circuit current [A] Isc: 6.67 amps
    Temperature [°C] TNOCT: 47.2°C

    Temperature coefficients
    Power TK (Pn): -0.47%/K
    Open-circuit voltage TK (U): -123 mV/K
    Short-circuit current TK (I): 2.50 mA/K

    Characteristic data
    Solar cells per module: 60
    Cell type: MAIN-Iso (polycrystalline silicon, 156 x 156 mm2, full-square)
    Connection: Junction Box IP65 with 3 bypass diodes, solar cable (length: 1.1 m, diameter: 4 mm2) with Tyco Solarlok Interconnection
    Dimensions junction box: 110 x 115 x 25 mm
    Front panel: low iron solar glass 4.0 mm
    Frame material: anodized aluminum

    Dimensions and weights
    Dimensions (tolerances ±3 mm): 1,685 x 993 mm
    Thickness (tolerance ±1 mm): 50 mm
    Weight: 50.6 lbs. (23.0 kg)

    System voltage [VDC]: 1000 VDC
    Maximum reverse current IR [A]*: 20 amps
    Operating module temperature: -40… +85°C
    Maximum load (to IEC 61215 ed. 2): Pressure: 5,400 N/m2 or 550 kg/m2
    Application classification (to IEC 61730): A
    Fire classification (to IEC 61730): C
    * No external voltage in excess of Uoc shall be applied to the module.

    Permission and certificates
    The modules are certified to IEC 61215 ed. 2 and IEC 61730, Electrical Protection Class II and the CE-guidelines.

    Due to size, these modules must ship by freight. Please call 1-800-810-9939 for a free shipping quote.
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  • Length: 66.34"
    Width: 39.1"
    Height: 2"
    Weight: 41.5 lbs