Ground Lay-in Lugs 10-pack

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  • Ground Lay-in Tin Plated Copper Lugs, 10 pack

    These make grounding easy. Use use the Grounding Lugs to ground the PV array (and the PV mount) as the National Electrical Code (NEC) intends.

    • UL Stamp
    • Rated for Burial
    • 10-32 stainless steel screw . Thread forming ensures two full threads into the frame.
    • You will either need 1 lug / module and grounding clips
    • 1 lug per mounting rail plus 2 lugs per mounting rail splice and grounding clips
    Made in USA

    Affordable Solar Note: These lugs require that the customer obtain stainless steel connecting hardware including a nut, bolt, lock washer, and star washer. Furthermore the anodized part of the module or rail should be sanded to make better contact.
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  • Length: 6"
    Width: 3"
    Height: 0.5"
    Weight: 1 lbs