SMA Sunny Boy SB7000US Inverter

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  • SMA Sunny Boy 7000US Inverter

    Sunny Boy SB 5000US / SB 6000US / SB 7000US / 8000US- The best in their class

    SMA is proud to introduce our new line of inverters updated with our latest technology and designed specifically to meet the new IEEE 1547 requirements.

    • Highest C EC efficiency in its class
    • Integrated load-break rated lockable DC disconnect switch
    • Integrated fused series string combiner
    • Sealed electronics enclosure & Opticool™
    • Comprehensive SMA communications and data collection options
    • Ideal for residential or commercial applications
    • Sunny Tower compatible
    • 10 year standard warranty
    • UL 1741/IEEE-1547 compliant

    SMA is known for manufacturing a wide range of solar inverters from commercial grid-tied inverters to complete residential off-grid solutions. Our US series inverters utilize our proven technology and are designed specifically to meet IEEE-1547 requirements. Sunny Boy 6000US, Sunny Boy 7000US and Sunny Boy 8000US are also compatible with the Sunny Tower. Increased efficiency means better performance and shorter payback periods. All four models are field-configurable for positive ground systems making them more versatile than ever. Throughout the world, Sunny Boy is the benchmark for PV inverter performance and reliability.

    New DC Disconnect Changes 8/19/08
    • Universal – same disconnect fits all SB X000-US inverters
    • Disconnects DC only – AC passes through
    • It is little bit longer than old box with more wiring room
    • Single input capability, which bypasses the series fuse inputs. This allows systems with more than 4 strings to have series fusing near the array, then run a combined feed through the disconnect.

    Technical Data
    Recommended Maximum PV Power (Module STC): 8750 W
    DC Maximum Voltage: 600 V
    Peak Power Tracking Voltage: 250–480 V 
    DC Maximum Input Current: 30A 
    Number of Fused String Inputs: 3 (inverter), 4x20A (DC disconnect)
    PV Start Voltage: 300 V
    AC Nominal Power: 7000 W 
    AC Maximum Output Power: 7000W 
    AC Maximum Output Current (@ 208, 240, 277 V): 34 A, 29 A, 25 A 
    AC Nominal Voltage Range:
    183 – 229 V @ 208 V
    211 – 264 V @ 240 V
    244 – 305 V @ 277 V
    AC Frequency: nominal / range: 60 Hz / 59.3 – 60.5 Hz
    Power Factor (Nominal): 0.99
    Peak Inverter Efficiency: 97.1% 
    CEC Weighted Efficiency:
    95.5% @ 208 V
    96.0% @ 240 V
    96.0% @ 277 V
    Dimensions: W x H x D in inches: 18.4 x 24.1 x 9.5 
    Weight / Shipping Weight: 141 lbs / 148 lbs 
    Ambient Temperature Range:  −13 to 113 °F
    Power consumption at night: 0.1 W
    Topology: Low frequency transformer, true sinewave
    Cooling Concept: OptiCool™, forced active cooling
    NOTE: US inverters ship with gray lids.
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  • Length: 25"
    Width: 19"
    Height: 10"
    Weight: 154 lbs