Morningstar TriStar TS-45, 12/12/48V Charge Controller

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  • TriStar TS-45 Charge Controller, 12/24/48V 45 Amps

    • The controller is a three-function controller that provides reliable solar battery charging, load control or diversion regulation
    • Uses advanced technology and automated production to provide exciting new features at a competitive cost
    • The controller is UL listed and is designed for both solar home systems and professional applications
    This controller operates in only one of these modes at a time but two or more controllers may be used to provide multiple functions.The digital meter option displays self-test results, system information and controller setpoints. Remote temperature sensor option rated from -30° C (-22° F) to +80° C (+176° F). White power-coated steel, indoor rated, vertical mounting enclosure. UL listed. Five-year warranty.

    • Standard model switch selectable for 12/24V or 48V battery
    • Choice of 7 regulation or LVD setpoints Conduit-ready enclosure for large wire sizes
    • RS-232 comm port provides custom setpoints Self test runs continuously
    • Charge Controller Mode: Temperature compensation
    • PWM may be changed to "on-off" controller to minimize any possible telecom noise
    • Load Control Mode: Starts all loads including inductive Short circuit and overload protection with automatic reconnect
    • Diversion Control Mode: May be used for solar, wind or hydroelectric

    Image shown with optional Digital Meter (not included)

    MSView PC Software

    MSView is free PC software that can be downloaded from the Morningstar web site. The MAC is not supported.

    MSView is a PC software utility that allows a PC to connect to supported Morningstar products. It provides real-time data display and an easy to use interface with integrated help menus. MSView also features several setup and configuration wizards for the TriStar and Relay Driver.

    # Product wizards allow easy setup
    # Intuitive directory tree organization of variables
    # Data display elements with easy drag-and-drop functionality
    # Window-sensitive help

    Supported Products:

    TriStar Controller
    - Edit/Update custom operation setpoints in memory
    - DIP switch wizard setup aid
    - Display real time operating data
    - Supports connection to multiple TriStar units (additional 3rd party hardware required)

    Relay Driver
    - Program/Update channel configurations

    System Requirements:
    Intel 386 or higher (or equivalent)
    Windows 95/98/2000/XP
    8mb ram
    1 RS-232 serial port
    1 RS-232 serial cable

    Firmware Loader

    Morningstar's Firmware Loader is a PC software utility that uploads new firmware into Morningstar Products. Firmware updates may add new features and/or include functionality changes.

    # Easy to use wizard guides the user through the update steps
    # Provides upload status bar graph
    # Confirmation for successful upload or error

    System Requirements:
    Intel 386 or higher (or equivalent)
    Windows 95/98/2000/XP
    8mb ram
    1 RS-232 serial port
    1 RS-232 serial cable

    Dimensions: 10.3"x5"x2.8" (261.6 x 127.0 x 6.7 mm)
    Weight: 3.5 lbs (1.59 kg)
  • No information available
  • Length: 12"
    Width: 7.5"
    Height: 3.5"
    Weight: 3.5 lbs