Solectria PVI 13KW-208V Inverter

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  • Solectria PVI13KW-208V, 13kW Inverter 208 VAC

    Grid-Tied PV Inverters

    PVI13KW a breakthrough in price and quality

    Solectria introduces the PVI13KW inverter: exceptional and efficiency at an extraordinary price.

    Overview: Integrated PV Inverter
    The Solectria Renewables PVI13KW is rugged, DSP-controller PV inverter for grid-connected commercial and utility 3-phase PV systems. The core of the inverter, Solectria's Renewables proven DMG1245 distributed generation inverter, uses state-of-the-art control techniques and devices including space vector PWM, precision MPT algorithm, and low-loss Trenchgate IGBTs. With inverter efficiency up to 96.5% (94.5% including the transformer) and fully integrated packaging, the PVI13KW sets a new industry standard for efficiency, ease of installation and use, and reliability.

    • 10 - 15kW, 60 Hz, 208VAC, 480VAC, 3-phase, grid-tied commercial PV system (up to 15-18kW DC-STC)
    • Multiple inverters can be used together for 20-30KW, 30-45KW, 40-60kW (AC) or larger PV systems. Ideal for 20-35KW, 36-45KW, 48-72KW DC STC arrays.
    • Designed for mounting as desired, indoor/outdoor, driving rain and drifting snow: rooftop/ground/wall
    • Versions for other renewable and distributed generation applications available
    Features & Options
    • Fully-integrated design includes transformer, filters, AC & DC disconnects, DC combiner-fuses
    • Integrated 7-string combiner box
    • Premium overall efficiency
    • Simple set-up and connections (connect DC from PV strings and 3-phase AC connections)
    • Precision DSP-controlled Maximum Power Tracking Algorithm
    • High-reliability design, based on 17 years of power electronics products, includes sealed power and signal control electronics, high-efficiency magnetics
    • No night-time standby loses
    • Optional 6-7 fuse PV combiner in DC disconnects.
    • Optional "Blizzard-Proof", gasketed disconnects, recommended for roof tops or other severe locations.
    • Optional forward facing disconnects option (version).
    • Optional positive grounding version.
    • RS232 for diagnostics and data capture with PC.
    • RS485 option for communication with multiple invertrs in larger system and long communication lines.
    • Fat Spaniel Inverter-Direct for optional monitoring of system performance by Internet or cellular.
    Safety Features
    • Electronic temperature protection, intelligent cooling
    • Ground-fault detection and interrupt
    • Current and voltage limit protection
    • Standards-compliances: All inverters Listed to UL-1741 (IEEE std 1547) and tested to NY SIRE Surge Temp Requirements (IEE 62.41). Unites are also listed on CEC's eligible equipment list.
    Maximum Cont. Power: 13.2 kW AC
    Power Factor: unity
    Voltage (L-L), -12% +10%: 208/480 VAC, 3-Phase
    Maximum Cont. Current: 37/16 A (AC)
    Current Distortion: <5% THD, Nominal Power
    Frequency ±1%: 60 Hz
    Inverter peak Efficiency1: 94.5%
    Array Configuration: Monopole, negative grounded (pos gnd opt)
    Max Voc2: 475 VDC
    Maximum DC Current: 60 Amp
    MPT Voltage Range: 225-380 VDC
    CEC Full Power Voltage Range: 235-380 VDC
    AC Grid connection (Standards Compliance: See "Safety Features"): Over/Under Voltage Over Current Over/Under Frequency
    AC Disconnect (Integral): NEMA 3R, w/fuses
    DC Combiner-Fuse Enclosure (Option4): 10 Amp/15 Amp fuses available, 6-7-pole, NEMA 3R, TVSS
    DC Disconnect (Integral): Break load rated, NEMA 3R
    Ambient Temperature: -20° to 50°C
    Cooling: Forced Convection
    Enclosure: NEMA 3R
    Enclosure-electronics: sealed, IP-64
    Weight: 376 lbs (171 kg)
    Dimensions: 34.5" x 26.0" x 13.6" (876 x 660 x 345 mm)
    Warranty: 5 years
    Communications, Optional Data Acquisition: RS232, RS485, PVIDAQ PC software, Fat Spaniel Inverter-Direct Option

    1 Fully Integrated Package: includes transformers, filters, fan, AC & DC disconnects, and combiner-fuse box
    2 Max Open circuit voltage (Voc) or PV array (= 1.25 x Voc-rated per NEC 690-7)
    3 Complies with grid connectionand safety standards ("Safety Features")
    4 Integrated into inverter package is selected
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  • Length: 34.5"
    Width: 26"
    Height: 13.6"
    Weight: 380 lbs