Off Grid Kits

Off Grid Kits

Off-Grid Kits

Independence you can afford

Since 1998, we have designed and sold thousands of battery-based systems for installers all over the world. Let our experience and expertise work for you when you purchase one of our Off-Grid Kits, designed for ease of installation and expand-ability with high-quality components.

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Call one of our solar experts to place your order or simply request a quote here. Our kits come with all OEM documentation and have been designed to work together with minimal effort to install compared to battery-based systems designed piecemeal.

Why a Kit?

Our kits allow you to have a turn-key solution for quick and easy installation. All of our kit items are in stock and ready to ship (aside from batteries which ship direct from the manufacturer). Each kit is designed to work anywhere in the continuous 48 states. If you need a custom off-grid solar solution, all of our kits are expandable and customizable to meet your needs.

What's in our Off-Grid Kits?

Solar Panels - We source solar panels directly from Hyundai, a tier 1 supplier that has a reputation for quality and reliability, not unknown brands with a reputation for going out of business and leaving you high and dry. Hyundai has quickly become one of the industry leaders in the Solar PV market, on the back of excellent PTC/STC power ratios and real-world performance.

Batteries - MK Battery makes the MK/DEKA line of solar AGM and Gel batteries which we use in each of our kits. These batteries are solely designed for renewable energy applications, so you know you are getting the right part for the job. MK battery has a national network of distribution centers to ensure you get your batteries as soon as possible after placing your order.

Inverter - The right inverter makes all the difference in a battery-based solar system, which is why we only use the best in the business. Schneider XW and SW inverters are high-quality inverters with a modular system architecture allowing for maximum ease of installation. They have industry-leading efficiency and a suite of features that lets you customize your battery-based system to fit your exact needs.

Electrical Components - We use quality electrical components from Midnite Solar in our kits. Need wiring for your roof that will be exposed to the elements? We have pre-crimped MC4 cables made from #10 PV Wire, an extremely rugged outdoor-rated wire designed for solar arrays. Battery Cables with pre-crimped lugs are included as well, so you only need to source raceway wire for your project.

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