2.25kW - 5.25kW The Emancipator Off Grid Kit

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  • 2.25kW - 5.25kW The Emancipator Off Grid Kit

    • 9,000 watt-hour daily electric load expandable up to 21,000 watt-hours
    • Capable of providing 4,500 of continuous AC power expandable to 9,000W
    • 2,250W DC Solar Array expandable up to 5,250W
    • 740 AH, 48V DC Battery Bank expandable up to 1898 AH, designed for 2 – 4 days of backup.

    The Emancipator Off Grid Kit is expandable up to 5.25kW. Call for Pricing! 1-800-810-9939

    What is in a kit?
    • Hyundai HiS-M250MG 250W Solar Panels Silver Frame
    • Schneider XW4548-120/240-60 Inverter
    • Deka/MK 8L16-LTP Flooded Batteries, 6 volt 370 AH
    • Complete Balance of System including all cabling, breakers, etc.

    Not included: Unirac mounting system customized for each project

    See the Data Sheets tab for complete component information

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