Sharp ND-250QCS Poly 250w Solar Panel

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  • Sharp ND-250QCS Poly 250w Solar Panel

    Business leaders install this module in large commercial applications, demonstrating financial astuteness and environmental stewardship.

    Engineering Excellence
    • High module efficiency for an outstanding balance of size and weight to power and performance.
    • Tempered glass, EVA lamination and weatherproof backskin provide long life and enhanced cell performance.
    • 25-year limited warranty on power output.
    High Performance
    • This module uses an advanced solar cell surface texturing process to increase light absorption and improve efficiency.

    Multi-purpose 250 watt module from the world’s trusted source for solar.

    Using breakthrough technology, made possible by nearly 50 years of proprietary research and development, Sharp’s ND-250QCS solar modules incorporate an advanced surface texturing process to increase light absorption and improve effciency. Common applications include commercial and residential grid-tied roof systems as well as ground mounted arrays. Designed to withstand rigorous operating conditions, this module offers high power output per square foot of solar array.

    Electrical Characteristics
    • Maximum Power (Pmax): 250 W
    • Tolerance of Pmax: +5%/-0%
    • Type of Cell: Polycrystalline silicon
    • Cell Configuration: 60 in series
    • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 38.3 V
    • Maximum Power Voltage (Vpm): 29.8 V
    • Short Circuit Current (Isc): 8.9 A
    • Maximum Power Current (Ipm): 8.40 A
    • Module Effi ciency (%): 15.3%
    • Maximum System (DC) Voltage: 600 V (UL)/1000V(IEC)
    • Series Fuse Rating: 15 A
    • NOCT: 47.5°C
    • Temperature Coefficient (Pmax): -0.485%/°C
    • Temperature Coefficient (Voc): -0.36%/°C
    • Temperature Coefficient (lsc): 0.053%/°C
    Mechanical Characteristics
    • Dimensions: 39.1” x 64.6” x 1.8”/994 x 1640 x 46 mm
    • Cable Length: 43.3”/1100 mm
    • Output Interconnect Cable: 12 AWG with SMK Connector
    • Hail Impact Resistance 1” (25 mm) at 52 mph (23 m/s)
    • Weight: 41.9 lbs / 19.0 kg
    • Max Load: 50 psf (2400 Pascals)
    • Operating Temperature (cell): -40 to 194°F / -40 to 90°C
    • UL 1703, IEC 61215, IEC 61730
    • 25-year limited warranty on power output
    • Contact Sharp for complete warranty information
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  • Length: 39"
    Width: 64.6"
    Height: 1.8"
    Weight: 42 lbs